Lenovo Smart Display Review from CES 2018

Lenovo want’s to be a part of the game of smart home devices and it’s making It first and very nice steps with the new “Lenovo Smart Display”.

It’s a great effort from Lenovo and I can see them competing with apple and amazon devices quite nicely.


It’s taken a while for Google to catch up with Amazon’s Echo Show and Spot – smart speakers with embedded displays – and in fact it decided not to even bother making one itself. Instead it partnered with other companies for the new Google Assistant smart displays and best of the bunch is this one from Lenovo.

Available in two sizes, this smart screen boasts all the Google Assistant support of a regular smart speaker, plus touchscreen controls, visualisations of travel directions and the weather. Best of all is contextual support for YouTube, like finding a video to demonstrate a cooking technique mid-recipe.



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